Friday, September 26, 2014

Maestro Muti's Visit

Maestro Riccardo Muti came to our rehearsal on Wednesday, September 24!  He helped us rehearse "Tod und Verkl√§rung" by Richard Strauss, a piece we will perform at our concert on Sunday, September 28. 

The mood of the orchestra was "excited", "thrilled", and "happy".  We all tried to play our best!  Maestro Muti set us at our ease immediately by his little jokes and huge charm!  He was quite tough with us, though, asking us to repeat, repeat, repeat certain phrases until they were just right!  It was like watching a potter shape a lump of clay into a beautiful object.  In fact, he, himself, stated that conducting an orchestra was like sculpting a flower.  As he spoke and showed with his hands the beautiful flower, we all knew what he meant.

What a fantastic evening!  It's one we will never forget!  Many thanks to our conductor, Jay Friedman, a colleague of Muti's, for arranging this great event!

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